14.2.24 Class ModelVariable


Base class for all variables that directly corresponds to a block of variables in the underlying task, i.e. all objects created from Model.Variable.




BaseVariable.Antidiag – Return the antidiagonal of a square variable matrix.

BaseVariable.AsExpr – Create an expression corresponding to the variable object.

BaseVariable.Diag – Return the diagonal of a square variable matrix.

BaseVariable.Dual – Get the dual solution value of the variable.

BaseVariable.Eval – Evaluate the expression and push the result onto the work stack.

BaseVariable.FromTril – Convert from a trilinear representation into a square variable.

BaseVariable.GetDim – Return the d’th dimension in the expression.

BaseVariable.GetModel – Get the Model object that the variable belongs to.

BaseVariable.GetND – Get the number of dimensions in the variable shape.

BaseVariable.GetShape – Get the variable shape.

BaseVariable.GetSize – Get the total number of elements in the variable.

BaseVariable.Index – Return a variable slice of size 1 corresponding to a single element in the variable object..

BaseVariable.Level – Get the primal solution value of the variable.

BaseVariable.MakeContinuous – Drop integrality constraints on the variable, if any.

BaseVariable.MakeInteger – Apply integrality constraints on the variable. Has no effect on elements of semidefinite matrix variables.

BaseVariable.Pick – Create a one-dimensional variable by picking a list of indexes from this variable.

BaseVariable.Reshape – Reshape the variable. The new shape must have the same total size as the current.

BaseVariable.SetLevel – Input solution values for this variable

BaseVariable.Slice – Create a slice variable by picking a range of indexes for each variable dimension.

BaseVariable.ToString – Create a string representation of the variable.

BaseVariable.Transpose – Transpose the variable.

BaseVariable.Tril – Convert from a square variable to a trilinear representation.

ModelVariable.Remove – Remove the variable from the model.

Implemented by:

ConicVariable, LinearVariable, PSDVariable, LinearPSDVariable, RangedVariable

void Remove()

Remove the variable from the model and remove it from any constraints where it appears. Using the variable object after this method has been called results in undefined behavior.