14.2.17 Class LinearPSDConstraint


This class represents a semidefinite conic constraint of the form

\[Ax-b \succeq 0\]

i.e. \(Ax-b\) must be positive semidefinite




Constraint.Dual – Get the dual solution values of the constraint.

Constraint.GetModel – Return the model that the constraint belongs to.

Constraint.GetND – Return the number of dimensions in the constraint shape.

Constraint.GetShape – Return the constraint’s shape.

Constraint.GetSize – Return the total number of elements in the constraint.

Constraint.Index – Get a single element from a constraint.

Constraint.Level – Get the primal solution values of the constraint.

Constraint.Slice – Create a slice constraint.

Constraint.Update – Update part of a constraint.

ModelConstraint.Remove – Remove the constraint from the model.

ModelConstraint.ToString – Create a human readable string representation of the constraint.