14.2.13 Class ExprScaleVecPSD


Scale off-diagonal elements by sqrt(2) for use with SVECPSD domain.




BaseExpression.GetDim – Return the d’th dimension in the expression.

BaseExpression.GetND – Return the number of dimensions in the expression.

BaseExpression.GetShape – Get the shape of the expression.

BaseExpression.GetSize – Return the total number of elements in the expression (the product of the dimensions).

BaseExpression.Index – Get a single element in the expression.

BaseExpression.Pick – Pick a number of elements from the expression.

BaseExpression.Slice – Get a slice of the expression.

BaseExpression.ToString – Return a string representation of the expression object.

ExprScaleVecPSD.Eval – Evaluate the expression and push the result onto the work stack.

void Eval(WorkStack rs, WorkStack ws, WorkStack xs)

Evaluate the expression and push the result onto the rs work stack.

  • rs (WorkStack) – The stack where the result of the evaluation is stored.

  • ws (WorkStack) – The stack used by evaluation to perform intermediate computations. It will be returned in the same state as when the function is called.

  • xs (WorkStack) – An auxiliary stack.