17 Interface changes

The section shows interface-specific changes to the MOSEK Fusion API for C++ in version 10.2 compared to version 9. See the release notes for general changes and new features of the MOSEK Optimization Suite.

17.1 Important changes compared to version 9

  • Parameters. Users who set parameters to tune the performance and numerical properties of the solver (termination criteria, tolerances, solving primal or dual, presolve etc.) are recommended to reevaluate such tuning. It may be that other, or default, parameter settings will be more beneficial in the current version. The hints in Sec. 9 (Debugging Tutorials) may be useful for some cases.

  • Multithreading. In the interior-point optimizer it is posible to set the number of threads with numThreads before each optimization, and not just once per process. The parameter MSK_IPAR_INTPNT_MULTI_THREAD is no longer relevant and was removed.

  • OptServer. The arguments used in remote calls from the MOSEK API change from (server, port) to (addr, accesstoken), where addr is the full URL such as http://server:port or https://server:port. See the documentation of the relevant functions.

  • MIO initial solution. In order for the mixed-integer solver to utilize a partial integer solution the parameter mioConstructSol must be set. See Sec. 7.7.2 (Specifying an initial solution) for details. In version 9 this action happened by default.

  • Text file formats. Due to new internal representation of the model, conic problems can no longer be written in OPF format. Instead write them in PTF format (extension *.ptf, see Sec. 15.5 (The PTF Format)).

17.2 Changes compared to version 9

17.2.1 Parameters compared to version 9



  • checkConvexity

  • intpntMultiThread

  • logCheckConvexity

  • readLpDropNewVarsInBou

  • readLpQuotedNames

  • writeLpQuotedNames

  • writeLpStrictFormat

  • writeLpTermsPerLine

  • writePrecision

  • remoteAccessToken

  • statFileName

17.2.2 Constants compared to version 9



  • beginFullConvexityCheck

  • endFullConvexityCheck

  • imFullConvexityCheck

  • mioImpliedBoundTime

  • mioRootCutgenTime

  • rdTime

  • mioNumCliqueCuts

  • mioNumCmirCuts

  • mioNumGomoryCuts

  • mioNumImpliedBoundCuts

  • mioNumKnapsackCoverCuts

  • mioTotalNumCuts

  • aggressive

  • moderate

  • satisfyBounds