16.6 The Task Format

The Task format is MOSEK‘s native binary format. It contains a complete image of a MOSEK task, i.e.

  • Problem data: Linear, conic, semidefinite and quadratic data

  • Problem item names: Variable names, constraints names, cone names etc.

  • Parameter settings

  • Solutions

There are a few things to be aware of:

  • Status of a solution read from a file will always be unknown.

  • Parameter settings in a task file always override any parameters set on the command line or in a parameter file.

The format is based on the TAR (USTar) file format. This means that the individual pieces of data in a .task file can be examined by unpacking it as a TAR file. Please note that the inverse may not work: Creating a file using TAR will most probably not create a valid MOSEK Task file since the order of the entries is important.