4 Quickstart

These are quickstart instructions for users who just want the most basic, working, easy and quick license setup and do not care about the more advanced configuration features.

4.1 I don’t have a license file yet

Free licenses

Commercial licenses

Assuming you purchased a product (https://www.mosek.com/sales/order/) you will obtain a license file from us. For a floating license or server (node-locked) license you will first have to follow Sec. 6 (Hostname and Hostid) to determine the hostname and hostid of the designated machine. Contact us at license@mosek.com.

4.2 I have a license file

  • Do you have a trial license or personal academic license or server (node-locked) license or group license or custom license? Go to Sec. 4.3 (Local).

  • Do you have a floating license or institutional academic license? Go to Sec. 4.4 (Floating).

4.3 Local

Put your license file in:

$HOME/mosek/mosek.lic             (Linux/OSX)
%USERPROFILE%\mosek\mosek.lic     (Windows)

In most cases that is:

/home/myusername/mosek/mosek.lic             (Linux)
/Users/myusername/mosek/mosek.lic            (OSX)
C:\Users\myusername\mosek\mosek.lic          (Windows)

If that folder does not exist (which it most likely does not if you are using MOSEK for the first time), then create it.

Restart any software using MOSEK (for example MATLAB, R, etc.) if you updated an existing license.

Need more options or are there issues? See Sec. 8 (Client setup).

4.4 Floating

Are there network issues? See Sec. 7.3 (Changing default ports and firewall and antivirus issues).