16 Supported File Formats

MOSEK supports a range of problem and solution formats listed in Table 16.1 and Table 16.2. The Task format is MOSEK’s native binary format and it supports all features that MOSEK supports. The OPF format is MOSEK’s human-readable alternative that supports nearly all features (everything except semidefinite problems). In general, text formats are significantly slower to read, but can be examined and edited directly in any text editor.

Problem formats

Table 16.1 List of supported file formats for optimization problems. The column Conic refers to conic problems involving the quadratic, rotated quadratic, power or exponential cone. The last two columns indicate if the format supports solutions and optimizer parameters.
Format Type Ext. Binary/Text LP QO Conic SDP Sol Param
LP lp plain text X X        
MPS mps plain text X X X      
OPF opf plain text X X X   X X
PTF ptf plain text X X X X X  
CBF cbf plain text X   X X    
Task format task binary X X X X X X
Jtask format jtask text X X X X X X

Solution formats

Table 16.2 List of supported solution formats.
Format Type Ext. Binary/Text Description
SOL sol plain text Interior Solution
bas plain text Basic Solution
int plain text Integer
Jsol format jsol text Solution


MOSEK supports GZIP and Zstandard compression. Problem files with extension .gz (for GZIP) and .zst (for Zstandard) are assumed to be compressed when read, and are automatically compressed when written. For example, a file called


will be considered as a GZIP compressed MPS file.