4 Bug fixesΒΆ


  • Fixed issue in mixed integer presolve affecting badly scaled problems.


  • Fixed possible memory leaks in the mixed integer optimizer.
  • Fixed several potential 32 bit integer overflows in the simplex optimizer. These overflows would only occur for very large problems.


  • Corrections in OptServer installation and documentation.
  • Removed debug output.


  • Fixed a bug in the presolve that would trigger an assert in the postsolve.
  • Added Windows 32bit to the .NET Core package.
  • Fixes related to license expiry warning.


  • Fixed an issue causing an assert on some quadratic problems.
  • Removed debug output.


  • Fixed a bug in handling certain forms of sparse input in Fusion.
  • Fixed an issue occurring when number of working threads is greater than 128.


  • A fix related to handling of names in empty constraints (Fusion).
  • Update obsolete code samples in documentation.


  • Fixed a bug occurring when affine conic constraints and matrix variables appear together (Optimization Toolbox for MATLAB).


  • Fixed a bug occurring when reading a problem with power cones via mosek_read in Rmosek.
  • Fixed bugs related to handling of an empty problem.
  • Fixed an issue in the conic optimizer that would cause NANs in the solution.
  • Fixed primal/dual value retrieval for a PSDConstraint in Fusion.
  • Fixed a bug triggering an assert in presolve.


  • Fix in example sdo1.py
  • Fix in Rmosek for quadratic problems.


  • Fixed a recently introduced bug in the BI occurring for primal infeasible problems.


  • Improved numerical stability of interior-point optimizer a bit.


  • Fixed a bug that could make reduced cost for basic variables nonzero in the case when basis identification is employed.
  • Fixed a bug in model cloning in Fusion.


  • The parameter MSK_IPAR_MIO_PROBING_LEVEL now correctly impacts work limits for probing.
  • If MSK_IPAR_MIO_MAX_NUM_BRANCHES is zero optimizer exits after presolve and before root relaxation is solved.


  • Big speedup for Fusion models containing a large number of constraints added one by one (without vectorizing).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a segmentation fault in rare cases.
  • Fix a bug that caused a crash in getbara-related functions.
  • Fixed a bug occurring when using Expr.mul with a large sparse matrix (Fusion).


  • Speedup in Matrix class in Python Fusion.
  • Update in Fusion C++ linker settings on Linux required for some OS versions.
  • Fix a memory leak in .NET API.
  • Fixed a bug that would trigger an assert in very rare cases if a problem contained power cones.


  • Fixed a 32bit integer overflow occurring when writing a task file.
  • Fixed a bug in the LU factorization that could cause nondeterministic behaviour.
  • Improve efficiency of sparse multiplication in Fusion.
  • Fix a memory leak in .NET API.


  • Fixed a bug in the LU factorization occurring when the LU becomes singular.


  • Final release.


  • Fix constraint searching by name in Fusion.
  • Minor tuning.
  • Internal clean up in the code.


  • Tuning and minor fixes.
  • Major change to linear interior-point optimizer.


  • Fixed uninitialized read when solving mixed integer quadratic problems with an initial solution defined.
  • Fixed some issues related to reoptimization through Fusion.


  • Some minor performance improvements.


  • Fix a bug in the primal simplex optimizer.
  • Fix a bug in Rmosek related to specification of cones.
  • Fix an issue in mixed-integer presolve that could lead to an infinite loop.
  • Adjustments in install script for MacOS.


  • Improve error handling in remote optimization routine.


  • Fix a recently introduced bug in the interior-point optimizer triggering an assert.


  • Restore RHEL 6 compatibility.


  • Improved the presolve.
  • Fixed several rarely occuring bugs in the conic optimizer.
  • Fixed a bug that could make linear interior-point optimizer crash.
  • Fixed a bug in the presolve that could cause a crash on infeasible problems.


  • Fixed a case where the conic optimize return an incorrect termination status.


  • Improved performance of the conic optimizer.
  • Fixed a rarely occuring bug in the simplex optimizer.


  • Fixed an issue causing poor performance when using multiple threads when the A matrix is big.
  • Fix a bug in constant expressions in Fusion.
  • Change Rmosek installation process.


  • Fix in a ranged constraint in Fusion.


  • First beta release.


  • The mixed conic problems having power and/or exponential conic constraints are now solvable.