14 List of examples

List of examples shipped in the distribution of Rmosek Package:

Table 13 List of distributed examples
File Description
concurrent1.R Shows how to use the concurrent optimizer
cqo1.R A simple conic quadratic problem
cqo1_preallocatedcones.R A simple conic quadratic problem with preallocated cones
lo1.R A simple linear problem
milo1.R A simple mixed-integer linear problem
parameters.R Shows how to set optimizer parameters and read information items
qo1.R A simple quadratic problem
scopt1.R Shows how to solve a simple non-linear separable problem using the SCopt interface
sdo1.R A simple semidefinite optimization problem
simple.R A simple I/O example: read problem from a file, solve and write solutions
solutionquality.R Demonstrates how to examine the quality of a solution

Additional examples can be found on the MOSEK website and in other MOSEK publications.