8 Security

OptServer uses on HTTPS by default, for which a self-signed demo certificate is provided in security/cert. The user can point OptServer to another certificate setting the certdir option (see Sec. 9 (Configuration)).

8.1 User role management

Users can be registered or anonymous. A registered user can be either

  • administrator or
  • submitter or
  • anonymous.

Users can be added, removed or their status changed from the web interface (see Sec. 10 (Web GUI interface)).


An administrator can submit jobs and perform all administrative tasks.

It is also possible to grant temporary administrator access. Any administrator can log in the web interface and grant a access token to a user, from the tokens page. Each temporary token is specified in terms of how long it lasts.


This users can both submit jobs and access the web interface to

  • collect information about their own jobs,
  • modify their own information but
  • they can not perfomr administrative task.


Anonymous users are not allowed by default, unless the enable-anonymous-submit is specified. Anonymous users can only submit jobs.