4 Installation

4.1 What’s in the box

The MOSEK OptServer is shipped as part of the MOSEK Optimization Suite. It is located in the folder MSKHOME/mosek/8/opt-server, where MSKHOME is the folder MOSEK has been installed in.

The OptServer files are organized in the following folders:

4.2 Requirements

OptServer only requires Python 3+ to run the configuration script. It has been tested only on Linux 64 bit.

4.3 Installation

To install the OptServer you need to execute the install_MosekServer located in the MSKDIR/opt-server/ folder. A set of options can be provided to customize the installation:


Set up the server to run directly in the unpacked distro directory


Install in ~/.local


Install in /usr

--prefix DIR

Install in DIR

--certdir DIR

This directory contains valid cert.pem and key.pem for HTTPS. If DIR='', then HTTPS is disabled.

--password PWD

Password for initial user admin

--port PORT

Configure server to listen to port PORT


Disable GUI and API


Enable fetching submitted data/problem files


Enable submitting without credentials

If the installation succeeds, you can then run the OptServer as described in Sec. 4.4 (Running the Server).

4.4 Running the Server

The OptServer can be started by running the executable MosekServer from the OPT_SERVER_HOME/bin folder, for instance

$ $OPT_SERVER_HOME/bin/MosekServer

With no command line the server runs using the configurations setup during the installation process, see Sec. 4.1 (What’s in the box). To override the configuration set in the installation, several options can be passed to the server.


Options can be prefixed by a single or a dobule dash, i.e. either - or --.

Some examples follow.

Switching debug mode on

If the server is not working a expected, it may be useful to turn on debugging:

MosekServer -debug=true

Change the port

Changing the port is a pretty standard step.

MosekServer --port=30080

4.5 OptServer Options

The complete list of options follow.


Base directory


Enable SSL, cert.pem and key.pem in this directory

-cmd=$basedir/script/solve.py $workdir $task

Solver command


Specify configuration file (JSON)


Turn on debugging info (turned off by default). This is a boolean option.


Enable anonymous submitting (turned off by default).


Enable fetching submitted tasks (turned off by default).


Enable extended programming API


Enable user interface (turned off by default).


Server host name


Log file name


Login expiry time in seconds


Port to listen to


Directory with files served under /static/