15 List of examples

List of examples shipped in the distribution of Command Line Tools:

Table 16 List of distributed examples
File Description
25fv47.mps A large linear problem from the Netlib library
ampl1.res Interfacing MOSEK from AMPL
ampl2.res Interfacing MOSEK from AMPL
ampl3.res Interfacing MOSEK from AMPL
cqo1.mps A simple conic quadratic problem
dgo.f Nonlinear part of a geometric optimization example dgo.mps
dgo.mps Linear part of a geometric optimization example
diet.dat Data for the diet example diet.mod
diet.mod A diet balancing AMPL example
dinfeas.lp A simple dual infeasible linear problem
expopt1.eo Data file with an exponential optimization problem
feasrepair.lp An example demonstrating repair of infeasible problems
infeas.lp A simple primal infeasible problem
lo1.mps A simple linear problem
qo1.mps A simple quadratic problem
sensitivity.ssp Sensitivity analysis specification for transport.lp
transport.lp A linear problem in the sensitivity analysis example

Additional examples can be found on the MOSEK website and in other MOSEK publications.