16.2 Functions grouped by topic

Basis matrix

Bound data


Conic constraint data

Data file

Environment management

Infeasibility diagnostics

Linear algebra

  • MSK_axpy – Computes vector addition and multiplication by a scalar.
  • MSK_computesparsecholesky – Computes a Cholesky factorization of sparse matrix.
  • MSK_dot – Computes the inner product of two vectors.
  • MSK_gemm – Performs a dense matrix multiplication.
  • MSK_gemv – Computes dense matrix times a dense vector product.
  • MSK_potrf – Computes a Cholesky factorization of a dense matrix.
  • MSK_sparsetriangularsolvedense – Solves a sparse triangular system of linear equations.
  • MSK_syeig – Computes all eigenvalues of a symmetric dense matrix.
  • MSK_syevd – Computes all the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a symmetric dense matrix, and thus its eigenvalue decomposition.
  • MSK_syrk – Performs a rank-k update of a symmetric matrix.

Linear constraint data




Objective data


Optimizer statistics

Parameter management

Parameters (get)

Parameters (put)

Scalar variable data

Sensitivity analysis

Solution (get)

Solution (put)

Solution information

Symmetric matrix variable data

Task diagnostics

Task management