4 Bug fixesΒΆ


  • Fixed a 32 bit integer overflow potentially happening in the dualizer for linear problems.


  • Fixed a rarely occuring bug in the post solve.

  • Report an error if feasibility repair is a applied to a problem with affine conic constraints.


  • Further updates in Rmosek to avoid compilation warnings.


  • Updated Rmosek to avoid a string formatting compilation warning.

  • Fixed issues with using a sparse ranged domain in Fusion.

  • Fixed compression type detection when writing solution files.

  • Fixed a bug in handling parameterized disjunctions in Fusion.


  • Fixed a bug that caused indeterministic behaviour on certain conic quadratic optimization problems.

  • Fixed an issue with adding certain parameterized expressions in Fusion.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash in cut generation.


  • Relaxed criteria for accepting an initial solution in MIO.


  • Improved license debug log.


  • Improved error reporting in mosek_read in Rmosek.

  • Changed an internal identifier in Fusion clashing with a macro in some headers on Windows.


  • Fixed a bug in slicing/picking/indexing from parameterized expressions in Fusion.


  • Fixed a bug in slicing parameters in Fusion.

  • Rmosek patched to handle Matrix package v1.6-4.

  • Updates in FAQ.


  • Fixed reporting of some information items.

  • Updated some outdated information in the FAQ.


  • Fixed a bug triggering an assert in the post solve for certain conic optimization problems.


  • Fixed the boundary cases of emission of warnings.

  • Updated Rmosek to process parameters before data.


  • Removed debug code introduced in 10.1.14 which could affect some exponential cone problems.


  • Fixed an insignificant naming inconsistency in Python Fusion.

  • Fixed the MPS writer when using CPLEX format.

  • Updates in FAQ.


  • Fixed handling of Unicode characters in the license path on Windows.

  • Reduced the size of Python Fusion source by removing redundant comments.

  • Improved the documentation related to convexity tolerances.

  • Improved behavior of the mixed-integer solver in a special case.


  • Fix bugs that could cause a crash in presolve and postsolve in rare cases.

  • Fixed index origin in infeasibility reports printed to the log.


  • Fixed a bug causing a missing acc/b vector in the JTask format in some cases.

  • Initialized support for Python 3.12.


  • Improved presolve slightly for some conic problems.

  • Improved the problem analyzer.

  • Modernized the internal code of the Rmosek toolbox.

  • Added export list in the Python Fusion module.


  • Fixed a reallocation issue which could cause a bug when updating barf.

  • Updated portfolio examples with solution status checks.

  • Fixed solution file naming by the command line tool for .zst inputs.


  • Fixed a convergence issue in the computation of LambertW.

  • Updated the manual in many places. Information about MATLAB R2023b.

  • Fixed a bug in presolve affecting only some problems having exponential cone constraints.

  • Fixed a name clash in Julia.

  • Fixed a bug in the Julia API.


  • Fixed some bugs in handling linear combinations of symmetric matrix storage elements with more than one term.

  • Fixed a bug occurring when semidefinite terms are updated with new data.

  • Fixed a rare bug in writing semidefinite terms in JTask format which would occur after problem updates.

  • Allow NULL-like arguments in the Rust API.

  • Adapted log output buffering so that it writes a full line at a time.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash after failed connection to the OptServer.

  • Cleaned up some corner cases in the PTF format: include y vector in solution, optionally include parameters and solutions, respect relevant parameters.


  • Fixed some bugs in the handling of symmetric matrix storage.

  • Fixed handling of a special case of power cones with nleft=1 by the MIO presolve.

  • Fixed passing nothing as an argument at the relevant points in the Julia API.

  • Fixed a bug in index manipulations in putafebarfentrylist in Julia.

  • Fixed a bug in writing and reading linear combinations of symmetric matrices in PTF files.

  • Fixed a bug in cloning tasks with disjunctive constraints.

  • Fixed a rare issue that could lead to a crash in the MIO optimizer.


  • Fixed a rare bug that could trigger an assert in the postsolve.

  • Fixed incorrect indexing in putafebarfentrylist in Julia.

  • Fixed cloning of a task with semidefinite data.


  • Fixed a bug in indexing parameter slices in Fusion.

  • Fixed log output from OptServerLight to a file.

  • Enabled Rmosek to consume an initial point for conic mixed-integer problems.

  • Fixed incomplete log reporting of initial solutions by the mixed-integer optimizer.

  • First stable release under version 10.1.


  • Fixed a path issue that could prevent OptServerLight from launching tasks.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause OptServerLight to crash if the optimizer terminated with an error code.

  • Added Model.dataReport() in Fusion.


  • Fixed Wheel naming to be PEP600-compatible.

  • Improved performance of interior-point optimizer for certain models.

  • Improved the CBF and PTF readers to provide more debug information.

  • Updated the BLAS version to fix a read outside boundaries.

  • Allow C++ Fusion to consume a const raw input vector.

  • Fixed a possible issue in the MIP optimizer when all variables are fixed in presolve.


  • Fixed some input size checks in the Optimizer API for Java.


  • Fixed a rare issue in Fusion which could appear when a parameterized expression becomes trivial.


  • Efficiency improvement in Expr.mul with dense input in Python Fusion.

  • Fixed a very rare issue in task format reader related to names.


  • Fixed solution postprocessing after user break in the conic optimizer.

  • Fixed MPS writer for some rare integer models.

  • Fixed a bug in removing symmetric matrix variables.


  • Initiate support for Python 3.11.

  • Initiate Julia and Rust as official APIs with a manual.

  • Initiate OptServerLight, a lightweight, simple edition of the remote optimization server.

  • Include the native M1 MOSEK Optimization Toolbox for the native M1 (Apple Silicon) release of MATLAB.


  • Corrected usage of global environment in C++ Fusion.


  • Fixed an initialization issue for disjunctive constraints.


  • Cleaned up exported library symbols on macOS.


  • Fixed numerical problem in presolve that could occur with disjunctive constraints in the problem.

  • Fixed a rare issue triggering an assert on some problems that have exponential cone constraints.

  • Fixed a rare issue causing a 32 bit integer overflow.

  • Reduced an inefficient memory allocation during remote optimization.

  • Fixed a bug in the reporting of the problem analyzer.


  • Fixed a rare overflow issue for very large semidefinite problems.


  • Fixed a rare issue in the PTF file reader leading to an infinite loop.


  • Fixed an issue that could make creation of multiple tasks inefficient on some platforms.


  • Fixed a bug that triggered an assert for certain conic optimization problems.

  • Fixed an issue in Fusion when a sparse expression is constrained to a semidefinite domain.

  • Fixed an issue in Fusion not always reporting an error if semidefinite terms are parameterized.

  • Fixed a rare issue in linear dependency check in the mixed-integer optimizer.


  • Fixed a bug in processing parameterized dot products in Fusion.


  • Updated OptServer to version 2.1.37.

  • Fixed a database field width error in the OptServer.

  • Fixed a concurrent map write error in the OptServer.

  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the installation script of the OptServer.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a segfault when remote server address was incorrect.

  • Fixed a rare solution access error when adding new variables to a solved problem.

  • Fixed missing log output when testing license checkouts.

  • Fixed a bug that affected the conic optimizer for certain problems.

  • Updated CVXPY parameter setting example in the FAQ.


  • Fixed an issue reading signed numbers from LP files.

  • Fixed a rare issue with incorrect ill-posedness certificates.


  • Fixed a rare numerical issue in the mixed-integer optimizer.


  • Fixed an issue causing an assert in the presolve in rare cases.

  • Fixed missing ACC activities for integer solutions in PTF files.


  • Fixed an assert in the presolve occuring for ceratin conic optimization problems.

  • Fixed some memory leaks.

  • Fixed a bug in Expr.pick for sparse expressions in Fusion.


  • Fixed a 32bit integer overflow occurring for certain semi-definite optimization problems.

  • Fixed a rare assert in the quadratic optimizer.

  • Fixed an assert in feasibility repair for problems with affine conic constraints.


  • Fixed a bug in the presolve occuring for certain conic problems. The bug would trigger an assert.

  • Added work limits for variable linear dependency check in the mixed-integer solver.


  • Fixed bugs in the presolve occuring for certain conic problems.

  • Small updates in documentation and FAQ.

  • Some improvements in symmetry detection in the mixed-integer optimizer, especially regarding memory consupmtion.


  • Fixed an issue with cloning a Fusion model which contains solutions.

  • Fixed an issue with reading task files containing certain partial solution configurations.

  • Fixed an exception handling error which could occur when reading invalid task files.


  • Fix fetching values for partially defined user solutions.


  • Fixed possible inconsistencies when one domain object enters many constraints in Fusion.

  • Fixed a minor issue regarding reading special parameter values from a task file.


  • Fixed a memory leak appearing when disposing a C++ Fusion model with conic or disjunctive constraints.


  • Fixed a rare memory reallocation issue in Fusion.

  • Silenced some deprecation warnings related to numpy in Fusion.


  • Fixed a bug occuring for certain conic problems.

  • Fixed a status code check syntax error affecting intlinprog.

  • Fixed an issue with cleaning the task when reading data from a string.


  • Downgrade .NET Core package target to .NETStandard2.0.

  • Fixed a bug occuring for certain conic problems.


  • Fixed a bug occurring for certain ways to call BLAS/LAPACK functions on AMD.

  • Fixed a bug in mixed-integer optimizer setup for quadratic problems (QO).

  • Fixed some minor bugs in the presolve occuring on conic problems.


  • First stable release.

  • Fixed an issue with propagating initial solutions for MIQO and MIQCQO problems.

  • Improved efficiency of file I/O.


  • Fixed a bug that could causing invalid infeasibility certificates to be reported for quadratic optimization problems.

  • Improved presolve slightly for conic problems.

  • Improved performance for some semi-definite problems, particularly when using multiple threads.


  • Improved performance for some semi-definite problems, particularly when using multiple threads.

  • Fixed some issues related to file formats.


  • Improved documentation.

  • Environment-free task creation in optimizer API.

  • Fixed a multithreading issue on Linux ARM64.


  • The (plain) solution file now contains the solution for the affine conic constraints when present.

  • Fixed a bug occuring when deleting one or more variables.

  • Documented new naming possibilities in Fusion.

  • Removed some debug output.


  • Downgrade Linux 64x86 platform requirements to RHEL 7, Ubuntu 18.04.

  • Downgrade MATLAB version requirement to R2017a.

  • Fixes in the remote optimization server and improved communication with the server.

  • Writing files to streams.

  • Batch optimization also available in Fusion.

  • Fixed a bug that in rare cases caused an assert in the interior-point optimizer.


  • First beta release.

  • See Sec. 2 (Major changes) and the Interface changes section towards the end of your API manual.