3 Remote optimization

MOSEK is able to off-load optimization problems remotely to a listening remote server. The user’s client code is executed locally, but the part that actually invokes the optimizer will be off-loaded to the remote server.

3.1 The OptServer

The OptServer is a server that accepts and executes optimization problems from a MOSEK client or other software through a REST API.

The main functionalities are

  • receive optimization problems using HTTP/HTTPS protocol,

  • accept incoming problem in any file format supported by MOSEK,

  • store jobs and results for further analysis,

  • configure load level,

  • run jobs in both synchronous and asynchronous mode,

  • manage users, permissions and access tokens.

This full version of the OptServer is only available for Linux 64bit platform but can be used from any client platform.

3.2 The OptServerLight

The OptServerLight is a minimal version of the full OptServer which only supports receiving and solving optimization problems through an API, without any administrative capabilities (job storage, user management, authentication etc. are all stripped away). It runs with almost no configuration and is suitable for use as a stateless MOSEK solver microservice. It is optimized to work best with the MOSEK clients of the same version.

The OptServerLight is available on all 64-bit platforms supported by MOSEK.