4 Bug fixesΒΆ


  • Improved performance for some semi-definite problems, particularly when using multiple threads.

  • Fixed some issues related to file formats.


  • Improved documentation.

  • Environment-free task creation in optimizer API.

  • Fixed a multithreading issue on Linux ARM64.


  • The (plain) solution file now contains the solution for the affine conic constraints when present.

  • Fixed a bug occuring when deleting one or more variables.

  • Documented new naming possibilities in Fusion.

  • Removed some debug output.


  • Downgrade Linux 64x86 platform requirements to RHEL 7, Ubuntu 18.04.

  • Downgrade MATLAB version requirement to R2017a.

  • Fixes in the remote optimization server and improved communication with the server.

  • Writing files to streams.

  • Batch optimization also available in Fusion.

  • Fixed a bug that in rare cases caused an assert in the interior-point optimizer.


  • First beta release.

  • See Sec. 2 (Major changes) and the Interface changes section towards the end of your API manual.